Corporate Compliance



Bayberry Multicare Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and other directives of the federal, state and local governments and agencies. We believe that we can, meet this commitment only through the efforts of our highly skilled care givers and dedicated support staff and volunteers, who must earn the trust and respect of patients, families and others by conducting their daily affairs with honesty, integrity, and in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws. Although each individual ultimately is responsible for his or her own conduct, Bayberry Multicare Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is committed to maintaining a working environment that promotes these ideals and permits our employees, volunteers, contractors and physicians to demonstrate the highest ethical standards in performing their daily tasks.

An expression of this commitment is the “Code of Conduct”, which is applicable to all individuals, including Bayberry’s shareholders, officers, directors, employees and independent contractors working for or providing services at Bayberry Multicare Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The Code of Conduct is intended to provide general guidelines to assist Staff Members to understand and appreciate the manner in which Nassau wishes to conduct business. Although the Code of Conduct can neither cover every situation in the daily conduct of our many varied activities nor substitute for common sense, individual judgement or personal integrity, it is the duty of every Staff Member to adhere, without exception, to the principles set forth herein.

A full copy of Bayberry’s Code of Conduct may be viewed by clicking here.

Please note that it is an explicit violation of Bayberry’s policy to retaliate in any way against a Staff Member who, in good faith, reports an actual or potential violation of applicable laws, rules, regulations, or the Code of Conduct.

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