What To Do When One Parent Needs a Nursing Home



Your parents probably imagined getting old together and enjoying their golden years as a team in the Bronx. However, this dream isn’t always a reality. When one parent needs nursing home care and the other doesn’t, it’s important to know how to approach the situation and proceed.

Having a Conversation With the Other Parent

Before you begin searching for a nursing home, you need to discuss it with the other parent. This is a major decision, and the other parent deserves input.

Let your other parent know you believe the other person is progressively getting worse. Ask for their input. Inquire if they’re struggling to take care of the person. The other parent may recognize their spouse is worsening. In some cases, the other parent may not notice the decline. You might need to explain the issues you see and discuss why you feel your parent could benefit from nursing home care.

Establish the Care Level

At the start of your search, determine the care level the parent needs. Consider the type of care the parent requires in regards to their chronic health conditions and daily living activities. In addition, keep in mind mobility issues.

Based on this assessment, you can determine if a nursing home is a proper place for them.

Choosing a Facility

All facilities aren’t the same in terms of the quality of care they provide. Therefore, as you’re selecting a nursing home, carefully research and read reviews.

During the decision-making process, think about the aspects of the facility that are important to you. Do you think your loved one will need hospice care soon? Does the parent have dementia? With certain conditions, you may want specialized care.

Additionally, make sure you look into the insurance plans that are accepted or if you need to pay out of pocket. Ideally, let the other parent have a say-so in their spouse’s life to make them feel included.

Getting the Finances in Order

Some nursing homes only accept cash, while you may need to pay for the cost that insurance isn’t covering. At this point, you may need to consider selling your parents’ home for money toward expenses. This also means finding a solution for the other parent.

You can calculate the home’s equity by determining the current market value and subtracting the amount owed on the mortgage. You may also need to take other assets into accounts such as boats, cars, and RVs.

Comforting the Other Parent

Although this is a stressful time for you, imagine what the other parent is going through. You’ll need to comfort them during this trying time. For instance, if your partner has feelings of guilt, remind them that this transition was necessary for their spouse’s health and wellness. Spend extra time with the parent to help ward off loneliness and keep them busy. Encourage them to get involved in social activities in the Bronx.

Take Steps to Make This Trying Time Easier on Everyone

By choosing the right nursing home and supporting the other parent emotionally, this change will be easier. And visit Bayberry Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, serving the Bronx, to discover how a nursing home can help your loved one.

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